Collaboration with Cosgeeker: Black Widow [Movie]

• Hello there! •
Here we are in a new, fantastic and complete review of my first collaboration with Cosgeeker: Black Widow white suit from the movie ♥ ~
I’m reminding you they are an independant website store (not connected to Ebay/Amazon shops) and they are making a great work offering quality products for the cosplay world! ♥

We are enjoying this first month of this new year but it’s never too soon to start thinking on your carnival costume ;P Who knows!

This black widow cosplay is made in a full body jumpsuit as main part with bracers, gloves, belt and a bag as accesories. All made in Knit fabric (jumpsuit), PU and leather (accesories) and attached with stripes, velcro and a main center zipper on the chest. You have to wear it like a puzzle, but it fits very nice on the body and get that stretchy form like the movie one 😛

I really like this fabrics, it’s true it’s spandex, but it’s a little stretchy and you must order the correct size (or ask for a custom one). The texture of the fabric is unbelievable, and it’s very soft! All the seams are very well done and the lines, parts and details are very very accurate, looks very cinematographic and it’s confortable at least! It’s also very easy to wash, a very good point for this kind of cosplays that makes us sweat a lot during the conventions and warm cities like mine one!

The accesories are made of false leather (a thin one for the wrist/hand pieces and PUleather for the bag, the belt and leg belts). Just a little advise: Wash with a wet cloth all the accesories before using them, if it’s not, can get the white cosplay costume a little dirty.

All of them are sewed, not sticked, and they have very clean and clear details. The belt is not made of metal, is made of rubber. But that only make it better! Because it let us a perfect movement wearing the cosplay costume.
Both of them (the bag and the belts) are attached with velcro. The shoulder pieces are attached with elastic to the costume, they are not appart. And that’s an AMAZING point. It’s easier wearing all together and also easier to save it after wearing.

There are not more pieces of protection on this cosplay costume because the elbows and knees pieces are sewed on the jumpsuit. Give it form with the body and a little help with the hands and everything will be ready!

Remember you can use:
for a great discount on your next order!

And if you have any question or want to know more about this black widow costume, just check the video review:

Visit Cosgeeker and give them a chance! ♥

Thanks again and see you soon!

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